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Texas – U.S. Congressional Candidate, District 35, William R. Hayward spoke to us today regarding the recent shootings in Laredo, TX, a border city in his district. Here is his complete response to the situation, and a glimpse of what kind of approach Hayward would make if he were to beat the incumbent, Henry Cuellar in November.

“First we must ID everyone who is crossing the border with ID Cards tied to DNA/Finger Prints. This should be done also at the turn styles also. The ID Card should be easy to get with just a Photo taken with Name, Fingerprints are taken by computer, and cotton swab for DNA printing later on.

We should use software to look for patterns on who is crossing the border.

Note: Everyone should be allowed to cross the border easily without any search other than their ID Cards bar code Scanned like we do in North/South Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

We must also stop protecting the drug farms in our war zones. Destroy all drug plants, Drug Farms, and overseas drug Manufacturing. Destroy these fields and replace them with corn, oats, wheat, fruit trees, then pay the local farmer to grow them with all modern tools. Use this food to help local people. Now we have the hearts and minds of the local people who will work with our Solders and protect them.

1. Start with Good Law Enforcement that is outside the main lines of communications to remove all those who have been corrupted by the Drug operations going on there.

2. Work with the Governor, Texas Rangers FBI special task force, and US Military Special Forces to target those Government personal that are working with the Drug Dealers and local gangs.

3. Get local Informants to target the dealers and Cartel leaders and build a structure of there change of command.

4. Work with Military Intelligence, CIA, DEA, and US Special forces to find those who are working with Iran and Terrorist Groups.

5. With a well-oiled plan, then take out the leaders and Drug dealers.”

Hayward’s approach is definitely one that would require a strong enforcement policy, with zero tolerance for corruption. In a conversation with Hayward, he said, ” Before we can do anything, we’ve got to clean up the corruption in South Texas. Unfortunately, many of those in law enforcement are somehow connected with the Cartels. We must clean the house!”