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We need to put God back into our society.  The shooting in Colorado is a tragedy and I condemn it.  I send my prayers to families of this horrible crime.

The shooting is an example of what happens when we take God out of society and prayer from our schools.  We need to focus more on getting morality back to our system of government and stop trying to litigate GOD in our lives.

The Shooter was just plain Evil, a Terrorist, and had no moral fiber left in his life. We cannot allow Evil acts to cause us to give up our God-given Liberty in exchange for Safety and Security.   Without God we are never safe and need to teach our children the Consequences/Results of an immoral lifestyle.  We need to modify the US Construction so we can pray in the open,  even at Schools and US Government Locations/Activates.

William R. Hayward Conservative Republican for US Congress 28th District of Texas.


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