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I recognize that all children born in the USA are US Citizens.  However, I also feel that some changes need to be made regarding this matter.  I was asked today by a mother who lives in McAllen, TX what I am going to do about women who come to the US across the US Border via: car, sea, air flight, walking, etc… with the only goal but to have a baby in the US, only to return with their newborns to the country from which they came from.

Presently, the US Immigration law says a child born in the US from non-citizen Father and non-citizen Mother has to wait until he or she is 18 years old to be declared a US Citizen.  The child has to declare his/her US Citizenship by its 18th Birthday or is not recognized as an American.

These children should live in the USA and graduate from an American School, American High School, or obtain a GED, or serve in the US military before they can become US citizens.  Our Forefathers assumed that children born in the US would live in the US. Obviously, times have changed. Travel has become easier, so now criminals are using our citizenship laws to enter the USA illegally.

There is an increasing trend for women to come to the US to have their babies.  This is because many of them are looking for free food, free health care, free citizenship, and a free stay in the USA through illegal immigration.  The US State Department needs to screen more closely women wanting to come to the US towards the end of their pregnancy.

We need to make sure that the reason mothers enter the US is that they want to become an American Family not get something for free.  Immigration is the backbone of our country and we need good hard working American Families, not those who want a free ride for themselves and their children.

William R. Hayward Conservative Republican for US Congress 28th District of Texas.


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