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We must secure the border before anything is done with people that are already here
How to clean up the Texas Border with Mexico.

1. Finish the Fence along the Texas Border.

2. Install a road along this Border.

3. Install High tech cablethat is tied to Long range Cameras, sensors, alarms, Face ID, Central Video Centers, update INS Border computers which tied into all Law Enforcement Computers ( Federal and Local systems so a Instant background check can be done) System like we have in North/South Korea border.

4. Tie all central Video Centers to one systemthat goes to Austin and all Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal, NSA, and US Military.

5. Use Immigration Guards and State Police (i.e. DPS/Texas Rangers) as point and control personnel with new enforcement rules that allow them to arrest and detain with any force need to stop all cross-overs.

6. Set up a Special Task Force and raided deployment force to back up Immigration should immigration need help or are attached by any Terrorist or Drug Dealers.

7. Task Force has final say as to what is to happen to anyone who dose not fit under ICE laws (i.e. Drug Dealers, Terrorists, or Cartel leaders)

8. Change INS Law such that any Local/State law enforcement officer has to right to support INS.

9. Pass tough INS law for anyone who employ, hire, harbor, provide shelter or housing to anyone who is not a US Citizen that has no work permit. Make like DWI law (1st.- Time a fine and light jail; 2nd.- Time heavy fine and Longer Jail time; 3rd. Time- many Years in Jail and very large fine).

10. Make easy to cross border with Photo ID Card that has Info Data, Fingerprints, and DNA thought a mouth swab so Mexican personal can cross over to shop, work, spend time near the border only. No one with the ID card can be stopped or detained as long as they stay in shopping area, commit no crime, and have not crossed out of town check point. Should anyone be found outside the check point then they would be arrested process then sent home and barred from USA for ever. Note: This would be for people who do not have work permits or Passport Visas. In any case the Task Force would decide what to do with violators.

11. Bring in manufacturing jobs along the border through tax breaks, training, education, and tourist jobs. Use Mexico labor to fill in low income jobs that US Workers do not want to work.

12. Change DOL rules for Border workers such that they can take low paying jobs under internship/ below minimum wage. These workers are personal that they need to be training until they meet worker standards. (OJT program that meet Mexico standards and yet higher pay than they would get in Mexico for work.) All Workers would have free English Class so later they can apply for a green card.

Note: US Worker would always be hired first at agree wages with free education and training to supervise Mexican border workers.

13. US Military would work with INS and Mexico to clean up the border on both sides so we can have a free, safe, and clear border.

14. Work with local business to open up tour, entertainment, and vacation sites so people can come into San Antonio Texas, (USA, Asa, Europe, etc.), and travel to the border for fun and entertainment.

Now that the Border is secure then pass new immigration laws to process all those who are here in the USA without green or work cards with a pathway to US Citizenship but they must get in line with those who have already applied for a Green Card. Remove all those who have committed crimes and are in gangs and send them back home. Everyone must have a Photo ID Card with anyone deported ID and Fingerprinted/DNA taken/filed before being deported. All must learn to speak and read English at free schools through local schools or OJT training at work.

God Bless!!
William R. Hayward

William R. Hayward Conservative Republican for US Congress 28th District of Texas.