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I support bibles in all areas of the US Federal and US Military Government. Obama is in the process of banning bibles in the federal government. Since 2011 bibles have been banned at Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland (this is a test of the Federal system).

Obama has a dilemma because of his stance on same sex marriage because the Holy Bible and the Koran both call same sex unions a Sin and state it will call down God’s retribution on those governments that approve such unions. Obama’s solution is to ban all bibles in the US Military.

In 2004, I fought hard with US Military Officers when training with the US Military to bring Chaplains back into all branches of the US Military and out into the battle field. Once the Chaplains got their authority as they had in the past, the suicide rate of US Solders fell down dramatically in the battle field.

Now President Obama wants to ban bibles and Chaplains again so he can push his same sex marriage in the US Military. If this happens then all bibles will be banned/removed throughout all branches of the US Federal and US Military Government.

Should that happen, we are doomed and our country will surely be destroyed by God.

We must stand up for God and stop this man.


William R. Hayward Conservative Republican for US Congress 28th District of Texas.


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