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I support Mitt Romney’s Job plan. People need to understand the differences between Romney’s plan versus Obama’s plan.

Under Romney’s plan, tax money is made from new jobs generated by private small businesses from money that is stimulated by lower taxes, reduced regulations, and lower gas prices. The more jobs from Small Business, the more people that are working, the more taxes that are paid into the IRS therefore the more tax money errand to pay off the federal debt. (Lower taxes, reduced regulations, and low Gas prices produce more jobs with more people paying in taxes).

As our population increases, our income increases with more jobs and more buying goods/services. Most of money errand is in you pocket so you can buy more goods/services and have investment/savings money. The Federal debt is balanced/paid off with an increase of tax income and reduced Government spending.Under Obama’s plan, income comes from increased taxed money and borrowed money from China.

Increased Taxes are used to generate US Government Jobs and increased Government Spending which in turn are taxed to pay for more US Government Jobs. (Tax on Tax money).

Income comes from taxing the rich Business Companies and China loans plus taxes from Obama Care which in turn discourages investors. The US Government takes most of your money earned to pay for more Government programs.The Federal Debt keeps increasing and little money in your pocket.

William R. Hayward Conservative Republican for US Congress 28th District of Texas.https://haywardforcongress.wordpress.com/

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