America is at War with Islamic Terrorists

America needs immigration and domestic laws to stop, deter, destroy, detain, incarcerate, and remove Islamic Terrorists. A timeout requires an enough time to change our immigration venting and removing process of Islamic Terrorists. America is at War with Islamic Terrorists because they want to destroy, kill American citizens including American Muslims, and overthrow the US Government by physical means of violence and terror. Below are scholarly reasons and definitions of terms.

Islamic Terrorist are Muslim groups or individuals who believe in radical interpretations of Islam through the Quran and/or Hadith scriptures to justify mass murder, genocide, child molestation and slavery of humans (Wikipedia, 2015). Al-Qaida and ISIS are radical extreme Islamic Terrorist. Their intentions are to overthrow the US Government and setup their own evil perverted form of religious government for self-rule, money, and power.

America is a democratic culture that accepts all religions worshipers of God who want to better themselves and assimilate into the American society. American culture and government is a religious democracy such that freedom is for all worshipers of God. American citizens use peaceful means of cultural change through voting or running for political office. Any physical acts toward American citizens or American property is punishable by fines, going to jail or imprisonment, and/or death through arrest and trial by jury of one’s peers.

Islam is a religious culture (Asekhauno, 2012) and Muslims are people cultured in spiritual Islam in worshiping God for the betterment, peace, and caring of humanity guided by their prayers and the Holy Quran (Mohamed, 2015).

Terrorist by nature, want to destroy and rule over all cultures with evil intentions of gaining power by any physical means including killing all humans and destroying cultures (Ivanauskiene, 2012).


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