Health Care Solutions

Today, we are so overwhelmed with government regulation, the hand of the government seems to be on our shoulder at all times.  We live in an era in which the President and his Administration are promoting a Tax and Spend policy that will end in disaster for all of us.

If elected, my vow to you is to take all measures necessary to Repeal Obama Care. Then, we must streamline Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, by providing free market place solutions.  We must remove the fraud, abuse, and high insurance rates forced on us by this Administration.

All people, with or without Children, should qualify for Medicaid/Food Stamps through a means test, job training, and committee services. Medical Insurance prices should be set by the market place at income levels and group rates.

Medicare and Social Security should work together so that our retired and disabled citizens can get quality, affordable health care and medicine.

We need to reduce the Tax on Small Business, Retired, and Disabled persons, but we must first Repeal Obama Care, save the Bush Tax rates, and put a permanent end to death taxes.  High Energy costs is a Tax on our income and must be controlled by increasing the supply and Drilling for oil and natural gas.  In addition, we must improve and increase the production of coal energy. We should be building more Refineries, while removing EPA/ESA regulations. If the free market allows, we should convert cars/power plants to run on Natural Gas, and or Clean Coal.

By creating jobs and lowering the cost of energy, we can afford a more quality health care plan, and improve our standard of living. However, I need your help.

As you know, the out-of-control Obama Administration is not helping us here in Texas.  In fact, they are making matters worse. Together with your support, we can turn the economy around and create the right environment for our citizens to achieve their dreams!

My name is William R. Hayward, and I’m a conservative candidate for United States House of Representatives, 28th Congressional District, of the Great State of Texas.  I am a capitalist, and I’m running to push for a booming economy with lower Taxes, lower Fuel prices, affordable insurance rates, and good paying jobs.

I’m running against incumbent Henry Cuellar, a liberal man who calls himself a Blue Dog Democrat, while voting for high taxes and high insurance rates which are just huge taxes on our jobs/incomes.

Please join me today, and support my campaign.  Together, we will succeed by putting a conservative in Congress. I will fight for smaller government, Lower Taxes, lower gas prices, Low Insurance/ Health rates, more jobs, and a free of criminal activity/safe border.

William R. Hayward Conservative Republican for US Congress 28th District of Texas.

Paid for by William Hayward for Congress Committee William R. Hayward Treasure (512) 353-2221/2220

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