Real Estate

Home prices, High Gas prices, Stock Market, Democrats, Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac, and Dodd-Frank Act Banking are all responsible for the Real Estate Crash that began in 2008 and continues till now!!

I believe that if we get the price of fuel down below $2 per Gallon, increase business to produce more jobs, remove the Dodd-Frank Act, and turn over Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac to the private sector then we can turn around the real estate market.

Many people do not have enough disposable income to pay the mortgage and the car payment, paying more for gas and spending all extra money we have.  By creating jobs and lowering the cost of energy, we can achieve a more affordable place to live and work, but I need your help.

As you know, the out-of-control Obama Administration is not helping us here in Texas, and is in fact making matters worse. Together with your support, we can turn things around and create the right environment for our district, our state, and of course, our God and country!

My name is William R. Hayward, and I’m a conservative candidate for United States House of Representatives, 28th Congressional District, of the Great State of Texas.  I am a capitalist, and I’m running to push for a booming Real Estate Market by reducing  Federal Banking regulation so local banks can approve low interest loans for the housing market.

I’m running against incumbent Henry Cuellar, a liberal man who calls himself a Blue Dog Democrat, while “goose stepping” and voting with Barack Obama every step of the way.

Please join me today, and support my campaign.  Together, we will succeed by putting a conservative in Congress. I will fight for smaller government, less real estate regulation, lower gas prices, reduced business regulations, increase number jobs, and a free/safe border.

William R. Hayward Conservative Republican for US Congress 28th District of Texas.

Paid for by William Hayward for Congress Committee William R. Hayward Treasure (512) 353-2221/2220

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