Security / Drugs

Proposal to Decriminalize Illegal Drugs!!

The US Policy of using the US Military to protect Drug Farmers (Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin (Poppies)) in war zones must stop!!! Afghanistan has flooded the US Market with Heroin which is now one of the cheapest illegal drugs on the street. Columbian, Afghanistan, and Mexican Drug dealers are now on our Texas boarder killing our fellow Texans. Law Enforcement needs to concentrate on getting rid of Drug Dealers and Drug Cartels.

1. We have no choice but to decriminalize these drugs, dry up the drug trade, and allow US farmers to grow these plants. We can control these drugs through safe manufacturing, regulations, and taxes, just like we do for alcohol and tobacco.

2. Income from these farm products will help get this economy going with jobs Treatment, Education of drug usage, less people in our jails, and stop drug dealers and the criminal activity that goes along with that illegal mess.

3. Let the states decide how they want to control these drugs and get the Federal government out of the drug business.

4. We should Allow Doctors the option To Treat Long-Term Chronic Illness & Cancer Patients with Marijuana in Their Home rather Than with Addictive Opiate Drugs like Morphine.

The bottom line, I support the idea of dealing with illegal drugs and the challenges that result from the production, and distribution as well as usage of those illegal drugs, the same way we are managing alcohol and tobacco.

God Bless,
William R. Hayward.

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