Texas Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra and San Marcos, City Texas School Board Eric Wright refuse to Obey Governor Abbott’s EOs on No Facemasks Mandates.


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Hays County Schools have stop listing to County Judge Ruben Becerra facemask mandates and obey Governor Abbott on No Facemask mandates. San Marcos City School Board pushes for Facemask mandates. The Community IMPACT Newspaper, dated 13 September 2021, page 21, gives the impression the School Children are being forced to wear facemask, while reality, it is a voluntary program for Facemask and Vaccines.  

Judge Ruben Becerra and Eric Wright need to go to Jail!!

Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra’s EO and San Marcos School Board Superintendent, Eric Wright’s, orders on Facemasks and Vaccines is in direct violation of Texas Law in two parts. Part 1 is that their orders are based on old EOs, which were replaced by Governors Abbott’s reseeded EOs dated on 18May2021 and 2Aug2021, Therefore Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra EO has no Authority to issue any facemask or vaccine orders on School Children. Part 2 is that Abbott’s EO’s on 18May2021 and 2Aug2021, which are supported by Texas Appellate Courts 13Sept2021 and Texas Supreme Court on 15thAug2021 & 26thAug2021 make it clear that it is a crime to issue any orders mandating Facemask or COVID Vacations on School Children.

According to Eric Weilbacher of the, Community IMPACT Newspaper, dated 13 September 2021, page 21, the San Marcos School Board Superintendent Eric Wright and Hays County Judge Buben Beccera are Defying Texas Governor’s Abbott, Texas Appetite Court, and Texas Supreme Courts’ ruling of no facemask mandates. They are still tying to force Children to wear facemasks. They are in violation of Texas Law Enforcement Laws. 13Sept2021   Page 21.


Eric Weilbacher, “Hays County Mandates Masks at Schools; SMCISD Issues Own Mandate,” Community IMPACT Newspaper (Online, San Marcos, Buda, Kyle Edition), September, 13 2021, accessed September 20, 2021, p. 21. https://editions.communityimpact.com/view/304827052/21/#t=MjEscmlnaHQsNjYuNDAsMzIuMjgsNDc1Ljc1LDIuMTMscmlnaHQsYm90dG9t

 “The San Marcos CISD board of trustees voted to mandate students, faculty and staff wear masks to begin the 2021-22 school year”. 12Aug2021.


San Marcos CISD To Implement Mask Mandate, Defying Governor’s Executive Order 12Aug2021.



 Hays CISD Holds Off On Mask Mandate 24thAug2021


An Executive Order issued by Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra requires people to wear masks in schools but schools refuse to obay. Becerra issued the order at approximately 10:45 p.m., Friday, 13August 2021, which resend on 22Aug2021 and was based on Governor Abbott’s Resented EOs Order issued on 13 March 2020. Abbott reseeded his 13March2020 order on 18May2021 and 2Aug2021, which was supported by Texas Appellate Courts 13Sept2021 and Texas Supreme Court on 15thAug2021 & 26thAug2021.


 Governor Abbott Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Government Entities From Mandating Masks 18May2021


No District School Board or Local Texas Official cans Mandate Facemask or Vaccines in Schools. 02Aug2021

“Texas Appellate Courts and Texas Supreme Court Stops all mask Mandates on School Children”. 13Sept2021



Texas Supreme Court Sides With Governor 26Aug2021

“Texas’ high court halts facemask mandate”  15Aug2021