US Border Security System Design

The Doctoral Learner at GCU and Candidate for US Congress present a Border Security System for building a secure fence system along the US Border. The Doctoral Learner has AA, AS, BS, and Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering and Technology. The Doctoral Learner has designed security systems for bidding on US Military fencing security systems on Kuwait.  This computer system controls and tracts all movements of persons entering and leaving the USA.  The goal of this system is a catch, detain, and track criminals, NERCO Terrorist, and Islamic Terrorists who want to harm or kill Americans.

According to McHale (2008) and UFC (2013), a full aggressive security fence system needs sensors that can detect movement at ground level, below ground, and above ground. Above and below ground movement systems includes sound, heat, movement, radar, and infrared sectors with drone and satellite systems (McHale, 2008).  An in-ground fiber active system has a software computer system that ties all sensor systems, parameter Cameras, satellite, and radar system (McHale, 2008 and UFC, 2013). Software system alerts local and central commands when any motion, inferred, or sound takes place below, above, or at ground level.

Buildings, Cameras, and personal are spaced along border such that they can react and recover intruders. Cameras switch on with lighting, inferred, data, and informing the Computer Operators with recorded video and data. INS and border personal react by using drones, tasked satellites, and other assets to recover intruders. Border entry systems include card reader, fingerprint, eye, face, and radar systems internet by computers to every INS system, border site, and law enforcement to a central command (McHale, 2008).  If anyone visiting the USA violating INS, federal, state, or local laws, INS authorities can act accordantly.

A physical fence with random scheduled patrols serves as an observed deterrent and slowing down anyone wanting to cross the US Border. A road and brush clearance is required to detour and discourage crossing US Border. Brush clearing helps in placement of sensors, cameras, guard posts, and computer control buildings. The spacing of Cameras, personal builds, repair, and technical teams are set along the border such that a responding team or assets can capture intruders. Cameras, drones, satellite tasking, and responding times limit the distances and number of personnel required for an effective security system.

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William R. Hayward,



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